Paradise Road

“Bruce Beresford first gained wide critical success as director of Breaker Morant (1980), a landmark film about three Australian soldiers wrongfully executed for alleged war crimes during the Boer War. Like Breaker Morant, Paradise Road (1997) is based on a true story. Beresford again takes up the theme of Australians’ involvement in war – this time during World War II. This film, however, is not about the exploits of soldiers; it’s about the resilience of women prisoners of war. Beresford researched the story extensively, studying the diaries of prisoners and Japanese historical material to understand the events from both points of view.” – Sue Sherman, read the full article here

Beresford’s Paradise Road is a text filled with conflict. The background of WWII offers a chance to explore the interpersonal, extrapersonal, and intrapersonal conflicts encountered by a group of women who are captured and made prisoners of war. In the Sumatran camp the women struggle to come to terms with a world of conflict far beyond their every day lives, and each responds to the conflict in different ways. The following links and articles offer background information and different perspectives on the text.

Background Information SBS reviews and interviews related to Paradise Road
IMDB entry for Paradise Road

Example Responses
GBD Education Example Response


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