Language Analysis

For this SAC, and section c of the exam, you will be required to analyse the ways authors use language to persuade, and to position their readers.

You will study a current media issue, chosen by your teacher, that explores some kind of Conflict.

Outcome 3
On completion of this unit the student should be able to analyse the use of language in texts that present a point of view on an issue currently debated in the Australian media, and to construct, orally or in  writing, a sustained and reasoned point of view on the selected issue.
To achieve this outcome the student will draw on knowledge and related skills outlined in area of  study 3.
Key knowledge
This knowledge includes
• the structures, features and conventions of a range of persuasive texts from the Australian media – print, non-print and multimodal – constructed for different audiences and contexts;
• techniques for the critical analysis of ideas, arguments and evidence presented in persuasive  texts;
• strategies and metalanguage for identifying, analysing and comparing the use of verbal and nonverbal (including visual) language designed to position readers in particular ways;
• strategies for constructing a sustained, coherent and logical argument;
• the conventions of small group and whole class discussion, including ways of developing  constructive interactions and building on ideas of others;
• the conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian English.


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